Minsu Ice Bucket Challenge

Anonymous asked : Do you think Minsu's tattoo on the leg is real??

hmm.. real maybe ? :) This should be asked to him. But, seeing it still there until last music broadcast i watch, it make sense. I thinks its real too, but stil.. we don’t know the truth XD and also he was always wearing that legging during Video Game era. image

/sorry for bad screencaps/

Let’s keep in eye until that tattoo dissappear someday, or it’ll remain forever :)

Anonymous asked : Hii ! Iwant to know is the member all from seoul ????? Thanks 💖

HI, we’re not sure about this bcs seems this never stated officially. But we think Sunwoo is, OneJunn is from somewhere south, and no idea for the rest. Sorry :)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - Cool Kiz vs. Pungnyeon FC (Ep 60, Eng Sub)

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Sungjun Ice Bucket Challenge

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Hi Everyone, I’m asphiryu who will, from now on take responsibilities for this tumblog of Boys Republic International. Admin AegyoKitten gave me her permission yesterday. Since it’s my first day, i’m on process made some different appearance for the blog, so the navigation is still under construction. Ask page is open, feel free to talk or just say hi :) Don’t forget to like us on Page : Boys Republic International and follow twitter @BoysRep_Intl

Anonymous asked : Hi! What is D-style?

D-Style Idol Dance Battle

It’s a TV show that Sungjun participated in. They took the main dancers from a ton of rookie girl and boy groups and had them show off their skills. The first episode narrows down the competition:  http://youtu.be/1DsLK2oln50 (sorry I can’t find an English sub, but you can still enjoy it without them since its mostly just watch them dance ^_^) The second (http://youtu.be/RnSESlL_fFA), third (http://youtu.be/sP3RESlTXO0) and fourth (http://youtu.be/w0_0tJLjgJY) episodes have the remaining contestants perform dance challenges to earn stars. At the end, the male and female dancer with the most stars wins a CF deal with Demi Soda. Enjoy!

New fun and exciting project and event for you all to join~~~ ^_^ 

Comeback Support Letters: send your love and congrats in a letter to Boys Republic to be handed off at their Music Bank Comeback stage! Deadline July 24th at noon (KST) Send to boysrepintl@gmail.com


Royal Family Meetup in Malaysia: come meet other fans on Aug 15th for a fun time before World Stage Malaysia! Details still to be decided and input is welcome! Join the facebook event for updates!


kittymarie1994 asked : To the person who wanted to know how to go to the next page: There's an arrow just below the description. It is very hard to see though.

oooooooooooooooooo >.< thanks! haha

Anonymous asked : Um..hello >< I'm new to Boys Republic, I found out abt them on D-style and Sungjun caught my attention. Do you have a post with their profiles? >//<

Hi!! welcome to the Royal Family! ^_^ I don’t think we have one here on Tumblr, no….sorry >.< but here’s a link to our profiles and fun facts about each member on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.532934396827448.1073741828.532931656827722&type=3 Enjoy!! ^_^

Anonymous asked : How to turn the page? I don't find an arrow or something...

sorry….I honestly have no idea either >.< Tumblr confuses me (I took over control from somebody else) but your more than welcome to come check us out on twitter (https://twitter.com/BoysRep_intl) or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/boysrepintl) where we’re much more active. ^_^ Oh….and I think you can navigate around by clicking on ‘tags’ and then what you want to see from there….

WOOOOOOO~~~ Guys~ It’s comeback time!!!! Here’s the MV teaser for Fantasy Trilogy Part 2: Dress Up!! Prepare yourselves for July 25th!!!! ^_^

Anonymous asked : Hi! Do you know Boys Republic's company's or manager's contact details? Because we would like to talk with them about an event here in our country. Thanks!

Hi! ^_^ Of course~ 

mailing address : 서울시 강남구 논현동 33-7번지 CNA빌딩 B1 유니버설 뮤직 스튜디오 소년공화국 앞 (or in English: Boys Republic, Universal Music Studio, CNA Buildomg B1, 33-7 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam, Seoul)

company phone number : 02-3775-0199 

email : boysrepublic@naver.com

…out of curiosity, mind if I ask what country? 

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